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    Four seats and standing room for two on the sidewalk. No mixers. Excellent selection of tequila. Just down from the Giggling Marlin and Cabo Wabo.

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    When Visiting Cabo

    The town of San Jose del Cabo, with its historical appeal, and laid back mood, is a must see.


    Los cabos Half Marathon

    Los Cabos will host the Los Cabos Half Marathon of 13.4 miles with more than 1500 runners.

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    Authentic Slims Cabo Memorabilia

    Must have t-shirts and hats from the "Worlds Smallest Bar" are only sold at Slim's. If you purchase a t-shirt or hat, the bartender gladly pours you a free shot of triple distilled Cinco Perros Tequila.

    Here are some of our House Favorites, authentic quality products make perfect gifts or just for you to remember what a great time you had at Slims Cabo!:

  • About Slims

    Slims Cabo, Since the Beginning

    Slims is a uniquely Cabo way to get your tequila education. Located in a crowded Cabo shopping area, this four-stool bar is plastered with signed dollar bills (visitors are encouraged to slap them on the wall) and pictures of tequila-fueled tourists.

    The signature Mexican spirit is Slims's specialty. Featuring triple distilled "Cinco Perros" tequila. Purchase any t-shirt or hat, the bartender will give you a free shot of Cinco Perros. But be warned: Slims serves only beer and tequila—no mixers—so come prepared to sip your liquor straight.

    Slim's plays classic country hits.  If you don't leave a buck on the wall and take a photo with your new friends, you've missed out on a bit of history. No room for dancing or hardcore partying but a nice place to stop as you wander the streets of Cabo (if there is room of course!).

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  • Products & Souvenirs, Premium Quality, House Favorites

    Tequila Cinco Perros: Plata, Añejo & Reposado

    The agave is from the highlands and is harvested when the plant is 8 years old. This plant has a cleaner lighter taste which holds up well to triple distillation. The "Pinas" are steamed in a stainless steel oven, which is about 6 feet diameter and about 20 feet long, for 24 hours. This allows for an exact even cooking of all the pinas. Traditional method was to roast the pinas in a brick oven for many days with direct fire. This comes with many risks. Mostly uneven cooking of the pin as, some over cooked, some under cooked and some just right. In addition they loose much of the pinas juices. All of these problems lead to an uneven product that the distiller would need to adjust batch by batch in order to have a consistent product. In the stainless steel it's an exact science with none of these problems. After steaming the agave, our product is crushed, yeast added and allowed to ferment. Distillation is done in very small lots. This is the trick to consistent quality.

    All Cinco Perros tequila is triple distilled

    Most tequilas are distilled twice. Triple distilled tequilas amount for only about 2% of all volume of tequila. If you remove Sauza from this market, there would be almost none. Aging: Plata is rested after distilling and bottled never touching wood. Resposado is rested for 4 months in white oak. Anejo is aged 16 months in white oak. We do not use old bourbon barrels. Cinco Perros is an exclusive blend of different lots of tequila to come up with it's rich flavor.

    Authentic Slims Cabo T-Shirts and memorabilia

    When you visit Slims, be sure to take back home with you a memento of the great time you had in Cabo. Choose from our classic T-shirts designs, hats or even a small souvenir, Slims Cabo memorabilia is specifically designed and has that relaxed Mexican Slims authentic personality.

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    Slims Elbow Room

    Blvd. Marina, Plaza de los Mariachis, Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur 23410



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  • Contact Info

    Slims Elbow Room

    Blvd. Marina, Plaza de los Mariachis, Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur 23410



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  • What's new in Cabo

    While in Cabo, you must visit San Jose del Cabo

    San Jose del Cabo is a pleasant tourist oriented city located very close to the tip of the Baja Peninsula. Situated on the shores of the Sea of Cortez, lying 17 miles east of the popular resort of Cabo San Lucas, San Jose is known to be the quieter city of Los Cabos.

    The central downtown area has many fine restaurants and is well organized for shopping and is generally pretty busy with businessmen, tourists, and locals mingling together. It seems that the historic center is like a magnet that draws everyone toward the recently refurbished town square. The hustle and bustle of San Jose does not seem to interfere with the tranquil feeling that prevails here, as it does in many other tourist centers.

    Los Cabos Half Marathon

    Our Los Cabos Half Marathon, offers 21.097 km of history and natural beauties, an incredible route, which includes San Jose del Cabo´s historical downtown, its hotel area and and the astonishing Puerto Los Cabos Marina. Mostly flat, the route includes 2 short slopes which are a challenge, even for the most experienced runner.

    Our race has definitely one the of the most scenic routes in Mexico. If you are looking for an international winter race, close to the United States, in a premium destination, the Los Cabo Half Marathon is for you!

    Date: February 9th, 2014.
    Location: San José del Cabo, B.C.S. México.
    Start time: 6:30 a.m.
    Start and finish line: Plaza Mijares, Historical Downtown, San José del Cabo.
    Registration fee: $40.00 USD for 21K, $25.00 USD for 5K